Submission for  Weekly Game Jam - Week 165 

Theme: "One Button Mash".


Player 1: Left CTRL or D

Player 2: Right CTRL or Left Arrow

Game Description:

The game is based on old arkanoid-like games. It is Local PVP battle for 2 players. Each player has paddle and the ball. The goal is to fill your opponent with bricks until the timer runs out. In case timer runs out, the winner is player with more score.

Credits: - Lead Artist - Programmer - Lead Programmer


Hyper_Bricks_install.exe 24 MB
HyperBricks.tar.gz 30 MB


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I really liked the creativity of the game. The SFXs get a little grating after a while (maybe lower it a tad?), the soundtrack is really soothing and enjoyable.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. No worries. We will lower the SFX volume and fix a few smaller bugs on the next release. If you have any other suggestions please let us know. Cheers.